Braeden (Mistrivvin) Soryn is a Wood Elf Criminal. He is currently a level 4 Rogue and a level 8 Monk.

Physical Appearance Edit

Braeden is tall for a Wood Elf, standing at about six foot three inches. He has striking green eyes, that convey a sense of worldly knowledge, pain, and loss. Braeden wears all black clothing and an elven cloak. He often has his face covered except for around his eyes. When his hood is down, you can see that Braeden has jet black, long hair.

Personality Edit

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History Edit

Braeden Mistrivvin was born as Braeden Soryn, in the year 658 PR up in the snowy wastes of Brehm. Braeden always had a knack for dexterous tasks and was noticeably wiser than the other elven boys in the village. He became close friends with an Eladrin by the name of Edrian Dyyr. Braeden and Edrian would go off on adventures together in the snowy wastes of Brehm, pretending to fight powerful creatures in the desolate surroundings, like Storm Giants.

When they were slightly older, both boys were sold by their parents into slavery, to [redacted]. [redacted] was a [redacted] that was currently starting a [redacted] guild on Amusa. There, Braeden and Edrian learned of the art of [redacted] from [redacted]. [redacted] sent the two on many missions, often culminating in [redacted]. Eventually, Braeden grew tired of the missions he was sent on by [redacted] and sought to leave the guild. He was immediately confronted by [redacted], whom he had to fight in order to leave. The two fought for hours till finally Braeden killed [redacted] and left Amusa. Or so he thought.

Years later, and Braeden is searching for two people. During his travels, he met Juris, whom he now considers a close friend and confidant. Juris was searching for something as well, and so the two came to an agreement, that each one would help the other out on their respective quests.

Braeden's search led him and Juris to Jewelspar, where they are currently looking to continue their search.

Languages Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

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Weapons Edit

In combat, Braeden can often be seen with his twin katanas. When not using them, he usually sticks to using his fists, feet, and daggers

Allies Edit

Juris - Travelers in Arms Captain Vimes - A New Friend