Vital statistics
Type Town
Governing Power Monastic
Location Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Humanoids
Batai was a town built around the Monastery of the White Petals.


The Best Around traveled to the Monastery when investigating Corduth and his partner Pabor, trying to find clues on how to stop Pabor from joining Corduth's forces. It was there they gained Pabor's trust again and helped stopped demon forces (including a demonic snake constructed of human bodies) that had overtaken his home town. Unfortunately, although the demon Goikengu was slain, Pabor then called forth Corduth and the two once again sided against The Best Around.

Notable Residents Edit

  • Master Eojin, who ran the monestary for many years until his death at the hands of demon forces.
  • Pabor

Behind the Screen Edit

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