Vital statistics
Type Town
Governing Power Mayoral
Location Spineswad, Pteris
Inhabitant Race Humanoids (Human, Elf)
Barenthia is a small farming town located at the base of the mountains in Spineswad, a domain in Pteris.

The Cows Edit

Barenthia, also sometimes called CowTown, is mostly known for being the biggest exporter of milk to other provinces in Pteris. Cows litter the streets and are treated respectfully like citizens. The citizens of Barenthia are convinced that the happiest cows deliver the tastiest milk, and as such, have gone to extreme lengths to please the cows and make them feel wanted.

Mayor Bastion Edit

Unknown to the villagers, the former mayor Bastion was actually a powerful elven necromancer. Bastion started his studies on necromancy when his pet cow died as a child. Bastion would grow in power over time, and slowly manipulate his way into the town's highest office. As mayor, he was feared by the population, who had already spread word of his power through the rumormill. It was not unnoticed that the weak and the young would occasionally disappear from the cemetery shortly after death. Sitting in his mansion on the high hill, the mayor worked quietly on his project: resurrect a dragon as an undead servant. Cows being a particularly delicious treat for dragons, Bastion knew his new pet could only be satisfied in a town like Barenthia. Ultimately the project failed when adventurers caught wind of his project and slayed him in his homestead.

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