Atla is a small undersea (formerly island) nation located off the western coast of Amusa in close proximity to Kiston.

About Edit

The city was presided over by a civilization of scholars and mages known sa the Atlan Magistrates. In the last PR era, the island was sunken by the Magistrates in an attempt to protect its citizens from the oncoming dangers of the dragons. Instead of sinking all the way, however, the city was 'floated' within a magical bubble powered by a powerful rune (see below).

At the end of the Atla campaign, Atla was in the process of reemerging to the surface. Investigations have not begun to see if it emerged.

Relationship with the Sahuagin Edit

Once undersea, the city encounterd many other subaqueous societies, including the war-faring Sahuagin. Conquering factions of the Sahuagin, they were soon turned into slaves, forced to use their powerful war-faring abilities to protect Atla citizens.

Relationship with the Merfolk Edit

Below the city, on the ocean floor, lived the merfolk city of Guala. Since Atla's arrival, however, the Merfolk have also been hostile to the citizens. The war with the Merfolk was not as easily won as the Sahuagin, and even centuries later, contention between the two cities still continues to escalate.

The Rune Edit

There is a blood-red rune in the center of the city, implanted in the ground. Connected to the very core of the island, this rune essentially made a living organism from the rock Atla is built upon, a living organism that requires a blood sacrifice of five truly brave heroes every decade to sustain it. The spell emanating from the rune either ends at the death of the one who created it, in this case the Magistrate Fratello, or when the rune is destroyed.

The Knife Edit

As part of the blood sacrifice ritual, a sacrificial dagger was carved from the same stone that Atla was upon. It is hidden away in the series of tunnels under the city for most of the decade, but is brought out for the Festival of Life, the event in which the sacrifice is completed.

Upon the knife is carved a series of runes, which are roughly translated to "The end is the blood of the original." While the spell lasts, any injury made by the knife cannot be healed and thus is fatal. However, once the rune is destroyed, the dagger just becomes a normal knife. It is currently held by Xen.