Amra is a wood elf.

Physical Appearance Edit

Amra is about 5'9, weighing in at about 145 pounds. She has unruly red hair, piercing green eyes, and a narrow jaw. She wears a long hooded brown cloak, a simple cream tunic, brown belt, chocolate breeches, and leather boots.

Personality Edit

Amra is known for being extremely quiet. She spent most of her life roaming the forest with only animals as her friends. She prefers to remain a quiet observer and chooses only to speak up when she dubs it necessary.

She adores nature and often can be found sleeping outside as opposed to in an actual camp.

Amra is extremely protective of her "tribe" and will do almost anything to ensure their safety. Even though she may not necessarily show it, she loves her friends deeply.

She also has no shame which can be extremely interesting when she is confronted with something or someone in a public place. Living with bears does that to ya.

History Edit

Amra has a half-sister named Darya.

Amra made it to Cof and traveled 100 years through time. In the future, she was paid about 1700 gold pieces to keep her silence and not tell the world what she knew of Kragnux when he was alive. Namely, she was told not to reveal he was a dragonborn.

Amra did not keep this promise, broke the contract, and immediately set out to help The Heritage and the rest of The Best Around to take down the massive phony religion that had sprung up in the last 100 years.

Fought in The Battle of Chad, during which she was charged for killing 3 clerics and a paladin.

Languages Edit

Common Elvish Sylvan Aquan
Hawk Abyssal

Powers and Abilities Edit

Amra is a skilled archer, hunter, and animal lover. She is also known for her extreme stealth abilities-- often disappearing out of plain sight.


Weapons Edit

  • Crossbow
  • Dagger
  • Longbow
  • Whip

Allies Edit



Darya - Her half sister





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