Ale's Day is an end-of-year holiday celebrated among Dwarves (almost exclusively in the Burnale Clan) to cherish the "ever-never-dying spirit of Ale".

Frosthoove Pony Ball Edit

One important ritual of Ale's Day includes the Pony Ball, which originated as the followers of Reesec attempted to discover what made Ale such an important and powerful pony. As it turns out, Reesec was one of the heaviest dwarves in recorded history, and the idea of a small pony being able to carry such weight is generally regarded as a miracle.

However, theologians later discovered that Ale was a breed of Frosthoove Pony, a small but sturdy horse found exclusively on the rough peaks of nearby Osugbo mountains. The pony's carrying strength is equivalent to an ant's. Many scholars now believe that Ale was this particular breed, and a Frosthoove ball is held in honor of Ale every year. As part of the ball, a particularly brave (or stupid) dwarf undergoes the challenge of bringing back a Frosthoove from the mountain peaks all the way back to the burnale clan, where followers of reesec dance and worship around it. Often times this is seen as a time for courting among followers as well.

Activities Edit

Other typical activities undertaken during Ale's Day include:

  • Mini Pony Jousting
  • Drunken Mini Pony Rodeos
  • Drunken Mini Pony Races
  • Sugar Cube Sculpting