Vital statistics
Type City
Governing Power Monarchy
Location Osugbo
Inhabitant Race Humans
Ahol is a large city located in northeast Osugbo.


The city houses thousands of residents, but is poorly run and very corrupted by its officials, who rule under a greedy king. The Best Around visited Ahol once to stop an infiltration by an enchantress and her demon spawn, they had one casualty in the form of Iris' sister Dariel.

Notable ResidentsEdit

  • Nell
    • An evil enchantress who makes money by controlling the hunchbacks and lunatics of the town into making pies for her pie shop. The pies are typically human flesh from victims of Sweeney.
    • Her magic focus is a String of Pearls
  • Sweeney Vrock
    • A transformed Vrock who has been tortured and force to obey the whims of Nell. When in human form, the Vrock performs barbering duty for the town, trapping them in his parlor before turning them over to Nell.
  • Judge Lupin
    • Addicted to Nell's pies, he does everything in his judicial power to keep the pie shop open.
    • Also owns a pet beetle.
  • Joanna Oakley
    • A poor woman who's fiance has gone missing in the pie shop. She asked Cliffedge to send adventurers to investigate.
  • Tobias Frag
    • Sweeney's apprentice who discovered the truth and sought sanctuary in the insane asylum instead of being captured by Nell and her hunchbacks.
  • Lieutenant Thornhill
    • Joanna's fiance, who was killed and baked into a pie.
  • Dr. Haze
    • Owner of the insane Asylum, keeps Tobias locked up and tortures him under the orders of Judge Jeffrey. At one point he releases the lunatics into the streets where they set the city on fire.
  • Mark Ingestrie
    • Joanna's new fiance, who has fallen suspiciously into this position only because of Thornhill's disappearance. Later became Tobias' caretaker after the asylum was unleashed onto the streets.
  • Meddling Old Woman
    • A poor widow who also lost her husband "Alms" and has taken to the streets calling out for him.
  • Thomas Priest
    • Continuously under the effects of Reduce Person. He's just a little Priest.

Behind the ScreenEdit

Ahol's map in based directly on the streets on London, UK, where the original story of A String of Pearls and its later adaptions took place. Many of the characters and events in Ahol are an homage to the original story and its adapted musical Sweeney Todd. The show's line "There's a hole in the world" gives the city its name.

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