Aedas Praeda, also known by his alias of Actual Fitzpatrick, or just Fitz, was a nefarious Wizard interested in arcane artifacts, especially of the school of necromancy.

Aedas was a character in the Sick of this Shit Incorporated campaign.

History Edit

Aedas was caught in Dardin during a sting operation that also caught fellow wizard criminal Memetrides. Aedas was lucky enough to be put into a rehabilitation program, being entered into SotS Inc. While in the guild, Aedas partook in a handful of quests, but within only a few months, was pardoned for his crimes thanks to the adventures he had undertaken for the realm. The guards of Dardin, however, hoped to put Aedas away for a much longer time, accusing him of murdering a bystander at the tavern (an event that never actually occurred).

Aedas considered himself an expert in "blending in and being resourceful". He had much experience with life-endangering projects, and had been in several fights.

He had never heard of Anema E. Core before entering SotS.

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