7 was a construct psion, similar in build to Warforged, but constructed specially by Colin Pendergras.

History Edit

Creation and Life as a Hermit Edit

Life with the Best Around Edit

In 794 PR, 7 would be one of the warforged who traveled to Cof to establish the first warforged island colony known as The Sky Net.

At one point, 7 would be involved in a massive brawl involving The Gathering Shadow, Doraleous, Colin Pendergras, and others over the Staff of Noesis---resulting in 7's arrest. 7 would do their time and return to The Sky Net afterwards, where 7 would witness Tiamat's massacre of Chronepsis.


7's rune, inscribed on his forehead

Return of the Dragons Edit

In 795 PR, 7 played several key roles in The Sundown, marking the end of Kragnux and the return of the dragon gods Bahamut and Tiamat

7 was part of the team that translated a book stolen from Neronvain which led 7 and others to a lake-side trap. Fighting the Kraken within, many lives were lost, but it united The Best Around with followers of Bahamut, who had fallen for the same trap.

The Dragon Edit

After Snow was teleported to the past by Chronepsis, 7 received a letter that has blueprints to a powerful dragon construct that could possibly fight Tiamat. With the dragons reemerging, 7 did not have time to learn how to be an engineer, and instead decided to write a letter to Snow, hoping to send it to the past.

"Dearest Snow,
So some stuff has been going on here. Cool clockwork dragon design, but also, we need people to worship Bahamut, so that he can help us fight Tiamat. If you could start that, you know, in the past, that'd be cool. I haven't found the other primes yet, but I'm trying. Also if you could start building the dragon now, we're going to need it. We need your brilliance once again."
However, 7 would never send the letter, as it occured to her that she could go back with Chronepsis and start building the dragon herself, and possibly reunite with Snow. Thus, 7 would travel back a thousand years and work with schematics given to her in order to help create the Clockwork Dragon, a divine creature that would assist The Sky Net in fighting off Tiamat.

Stuck in the Underdark Edit

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